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United Au-Vi is soon going to be 30! (1/5)

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To celebrate this new milestone, we would like to invite you to retrace our history together.

Today, let’s tell the story of one of the first connectors that boosted our brand Ultimax into the industry: the EQUINOXE series.

A German client was looking for Hi-Fi audio connectors with genuine wooden barrels.
At that time, the brand name was usually added on the connectors using silk screen printing.
This process included putting connectors in the oven as heat was necessary for the ink to set in.
Yet, this heat would also damage the genuine wood pieces.

United Au-Vi was aware of the challenges but still wanted to satisfy our client’s needs.
After some research, we came with the idea to use laser engraving to add the brand name on genuine wooden connectors without damaging the quality of the wood.

Laser engraving allows for each connector to have its own distinctive pattern due to the unique nature of genuine wood grain, thus making it an exceptional and high-end product.

We were proud to become the first company in Taiwan to offer this innovative process and to export our EQUINOXE series all around the world!