You are currently viewing United Au-Vi is soon going to be 30! (4/5)

United Au-Vi is soon going to be 30! (4/5)

For this fourth post, we wanted to share a story that reflects our company’s purpose: creating custom-made cable assembly to help our customers.

Our client needed a product that could connect dozens of PINs yet needed to fit in a very small chassis. They had asked many companies, including big names in the industry. Yet, they all replied that it was not possible to manufacture such a piece.

Our factory worked for hours on several prototypes and molds. All that hard work eventually paid off and we were able to fit all those cables into the very limited space thanks to our own innovative tooling.

We were honored when this cable started to be used to help communication between firefighters. Finding solutions to help our customers is our key value here at United Au-Vi!

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